See-Thru Micro Bikini

You're probably asking yourself why anyone would buy a See Thru Micro Bikini. The answer to that question varies from woman to woman. They can either serve as nothing but a sexually visual bathing suit at a nude beach, or it can be worn by women who love to push legal boundaries at a public beach.

There are certain laws that differ from location to location on how much a woman can show in public regardless if she technically is wearing fabric around her breasts and bikini area or not. Some places allow transparent bathing suits to be worn even on a public beach because it's defined as being legal, while others will catch themselves getting in trouble with law enforcement over public nudity or indecent exposure. It's always best to check with your local laws and rules at your favorite beaches before daring to wear one of these revealing swimsuits out in public!

Also keep in mind that they don't necessarily have to be worn on a beach, or in public at all! They can be used as costumes for erotic dancers or in the privacy of your own bedroom as lingerie. There are also models that love to display different transparent swimsuits through photographs (we'll get more into that in the Micro Bikini Models section) and there are plenty of men that enjoy viewing such racy photos of beautiful women modeling them.

Most transparent suits come in two different types of styles. They can either be transparent or become transparent only when wet. For example, they can be a hand-crochet bikini that deliberately has large gaps in the top to fully expose the nipple, or they can be made from extremely fine white fabric that turns transparent when soaked in water. Each type has one thing in common: they're both very revealing and extremely sexy!