Micro Bikini Swimwear

Micro bikini swimwear usually consists of only two small triangular pieces: one for the bikini top and one for the tiny bottom that usually has a g-string back. Those two pieces of fabric only cover the vital areas of a woman's body, which means any woman wearing one will surely draw a lot of attention!

They are sometimes referred to as Brazilian bikinis. Women have to have a lot of a confidence and a finely shaped body in order to wear one of these since they leave little to the imagination to on-lookers. So why do women sport such a skimpy bathing suit? Because it's fun! They enjoy showing off their toned bodies and love the attention they get from wearing one, making it not only fun for women to wear but also great for people to look at!

Most small swimsuits have a g string back, instead of a full back, which can be seen with a standard bikini. They are designed to not only showcase a woman's best assets in style, but they are also very comfortable for them to wear since they're wearing only a couple of pieces of fabric that barely cover the vital parts of a woman's body. They come in a wide array of styles and colors to compliment the perfect body and personal style, with pink being one of the most popular colors since it compliments a tanned body. Women love flaunting their incredible bodies in such revealing swimwear and that is why they continue to sell better than normal bathing suits.

The barely-there bikini comes with bottoms that cover a woman's private area and a top that covers the nipple area of the breast. You can imagine why women that are proud of their bodies would wear something so skimpy to the beach. They are the smallest bikinis that can be purchased, with a regular bikini being just a little bit bigger and usually come with a full-back bottom piece.

The almost non-existent material, and sometimes transparent, comes in a variety of fabrics and different styles to match any woman's bikini style preference. Each swimsuit is purposely designed for minimal coverage, which offers the sexiest look that swimwear can provide. They are also popular because they leave the tiniest tan lines you can possibly get with swimwear, while looking absolutely sexy at the same time!