Extreme Micro Bikini

There is, surprisingly, a difference between an Extreme Micro Bikini and a Micro Bikini. The difference? Less fabric, if you can believe that one. They have very little fabric and can even be nothing more than a series of strings that somewhat resemble a bathing suit.

While they are meant to be thrilling to wear and even more thrilling for others to look at, they're more shocking in the way the fabric (how little it might be) is designed and/or shaped around a woman's body. Most of them are nothing but strings that barely fit over a woman's breasts and bikini area and unlike micro bikini's, they leave nothing to the imagination! These swimsuits not only don't cover a woman's body, it actually showcases her private areas. For example, they might have a top with small triangles but will have the middle part completely removed, allowing nipples to be completely exposed and the bottom portion can be nothing more than a string that is strategically placed directly in between a woman's bikini area. This is common when it comes to these sexy swimsuits and the way they are designed.

Don't let the name "bikini" fool you, either. Even though the word typically means two separate pieces, there are many that are considered only one piece, even if it's just made up entirely of one long string that wraps around a woman's body.

Just like with any other kind of bikini, they come in all kinds of shapes, colors, and funky designs (which tend to be the most popular kind). Most versions are made strictly for show and not for actual use. Let's face it, there's not much a string can do to protect a woman's private parts from the sun or elements of the outdoors. They're fairly popular with adult dancers that love to entice a crowd full of rowdy men during a performance, or they can worn as lingerie behind closed doors in the privacy of one's bedroom.

Since every woman has her own unique sense of style, there are thousands of different miniscule styles for women to choose from. The price isn't too far off from what a normal bikini would cost, even though there's a lot less fabric. In fact, they could actually cost double what a normal bikini would cost! Why? Because you're paying for the design more than the actual suit itself since they are mostly just for show and not for use.